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Tired of Losing Foosball Games?

  • Do you like foosball but find it frustrating to learn?
  • Have you been playing for a while but not making progress?
  • Have you tried learning foosball from countless Web resources only to find them incomplete, confusing, or complicated?

I know how you feel...

I have also suffered the pain of learning foosball using advice scattered all over the Internet and countless hours of trial-and-error practice.

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Start Winning with The Foosball Guide!

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The Foosball Guide is an all-in-one practical learning resource on foosball, suitable for anybody from complete beginners to more advanced players.

  • Boost ALL your foosball skills quickly and painlessly
  • Passing - Shooting - Defending
  • Discover all about your foosball table including how to choose one
  • Access a comprehensive overview of existing foosball resources

Practical - Visual - Comprehensive

  • Practical
    A step-by-step systematic approach enables you to learn foosball easily
  • Visual
    You quickly get the idea of a concept by looking at the diagram
  • Comprehensive
    ALL you need to know about playing foosball - based on well researched foosball knowledge

Content Overview

The Foosball Guide is organised into six major chapters (and Introduction & Conclusion).

2 - Preparation and Basics · terms · rules · solo practice · body stance · hand grip ·
3 - Passing · offence · defence · square · lateral · stick · brush ·
4 - Shooting and Defending · defence · ball pin · angle · bank · pull · snake · and more ·
5 - Drills · passing · shooting · combo · practice structure ·
6 - Table · fixed & moving parts · setup · maintenance · what to buy ·
7 - Foosball Resources · overview of foosball resources ·

For more details see:

Chapter Samples , Free Book Preview , Foosball Blog or the Complete Table of Contents

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The Foosball Guide
A Practical Approach from Beginner to Advanced
ISBN 978-0-473-23763-9

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Feedback from Readers

"This guide improved my knowledge and enjoyment of the game hugely. No nonsense, just a clear, practical guide to honing your skills." - Brendan Marshall

"The Foosball Guide is really thorough! Your descriptions of game techniques are easy to follow and the diagrams really help with visualising the shots and passes. Your advice on solo drills is also great!" - Alex Korban

"Your book is easy to read and has great diagrams. It covers not only basic Foosball setup, but explains numerous defensive and offensive tactics from easy to hard. The website is nice and simple and I could download it in no time." - E. Horner

"I'm a social fooser and The Foosball Guide has given me tips and tricks to get an edge on my friends. The guide covers many different skills with attractive diagrams and uncomplicated descriptions. With the included chapter on practice drills The Foosball Guide is a resource I use again and again." - T. Farrel

About the Author

New Zealand Map Outline

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, the home to amazing scenery, as seen in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. I first became passionate about playing foosball in San Francisco and brought that love back to New Zealand.

Over the years I have suffered the pain of learning foosball from numerous resources scattered all over the Internet and countless hours of trial-and-error practice. Later, I have honed my skills by playing in America and Europe.

I created The Foosball Guide as an all-in-one practical resource that eliminates the pain of learning foosball for players of any experience.

- Alex Koudrin

Free Book Preview

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Chapter Samples

The chapter samples presented below showcase the kinds of explanations and diagrams provided in each chapter of the book.

Chapter 2 - Preparation and Basics

A hand grip is how to use your hand and palm on the rod handle for passing, shooting, and defending. Similarly to tennis or golf, hand grip is vital to get right from the start. The most practical grip is called the closed-palm grip (or normal grip or full grip) where the palm completely wraps the handle.

Foosball player closed palm hand grip illustration

Chapter 3 - Passing

To catch with the 3-rod man, a ball that is travelling right from the 5-rod, rotate the 3-rod man anti-clockwise at an angle of 30–45°. The catch movement should be soft to absorb some of the impact of the ball. Ideally you should be able to catch a quick pass without the ball rolling or bouncing away.

Square pass and catch illustration

Chapter 4 - Shooting and Defending

The bank shot can be performed by any foosman on the 3-rod, but the easiest is to use one of the edge men. As with angle shot 5.3, the contact of the foot with the ball is off-centre with more of the ball being closer to the side wall, from which it needs to ricochet. With the right combination of the distance between the man and the wall and how much off centre the ball is hit, the ball should bounce off the wall into the goal.

Foosball bank shot illustration

Chapter 5 - Drills

The 5-rod to the 3-rod pass is crucial in game play as it leads to a possible goal from the 3-rod. An excellent drill is zig-zag non-stop passes between the two rods moving from one side wall to another. This will hone your reflexes and teach you where the foosmen are positioned on the rods.

Foosball drill inter rod pass between rods illustration

Chapter 6 - Table

The moving parts of the table consist of eight metal polls, called the rods (or bars), which are fitted through the holes in the side walls. The rods firmly hold a different number of miniature players, called foosmen. To reduce friction between the rod and the side wall, the hole in the side wall is lined with a piece of circular tube, called the bearing.

Each rod also has two bumpers to soften the impact of the side men being slammed against the side walls.

Foosball table top view moving parts illustration

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